Daniel Saunders

Politics or Promise? | 1 Kings 1-2 |
As the book of 1 Kings begins, we meet a king on his deathbed–and things go down from there. In a time of decline and despair, when people are making political alliances, how do we see God at work? What’s really in control–politics or God’s promises? Outline Introducing Kings Who Will Be King? (1 Kings 1) The Kingdom Established (1 Kings 2) Politics or Promise? The Established Kingdom of David’s Son (Romans 1:1-4)

True Judgment | Matthew 7 |
Outline Don’t judge hypocritically (vv1-5) Don’t judge poorly (v6) Judge God correctly (vv7-11) Fulfilling the law and the prophets (v12) Judge the true path (vv13-14) true fruit (vv15-23) true foundation (vv24-29)

Living Hope | 1 Peter 1:3-9 |
Our Resurrection Sunday message. Outline Have you got living hope? (v3) Do you have a new future? (vv4-5) Even in suffering? (vv6-7) A certain, living, hope. (Due to technical issues the first few seconds of this message were re-recorded.)

The Exchange | 1 Peter 2:22-25; 3:18 |
Our Good Friday message. Outline We are far from God The exchange

True Treasure | Matthew 6:19-34 |
What do you worry about? Health, money, politics, culture, conflict? In this message from Jesus, we hear how money can be a harsh master, but finding treasure in God leads to eternal reward. Outline Where is your treasure? (vv19-21) Who do you serve? (vv22-24) Why do you worry? (vv25-34)

Real Reward | Matthew 6:1-12 |
As we continue our series listening to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount we hear his call for sincere spirituality, righteousness for God’s reward. Outline Where is your reward? What is your treasure? (vv1, 19-21) Secret Generosity. Secret Fasting (vv2-4, 16-18) Secret and Simple Prayer (vv5-15) Is your ‘righteousness’ for real reward?

Truth and Love | Matthew 5:33-48 |
As we continue listening to Jesus’ teaching his followers, he calls them to be people who speak truth, refuse to retaliate, and love enemies. It’s a huge call, but it’s good news as we see it lived out by Jesus. Outline Speak the truth (vv33-37) Do not resist (vv38-42) Love Enemies (vv43-47) Because this is our God (v48) Note: this sermon was pre-recorded.

Faithfulness | Matthew 5:27-32 |
Jesus calls his followers to ‘stay salty’—to wholeheartedly live as his people. In this message, we hear Jesus’ call for his people to do marriage and relationships differently. Outline Faithful eyes (vv27-30) Faithful promises (vv31-32) The Faithful Husband (Hebrews 13:4-5; Ephesians 5:31-32)

Conflict | Matthew 5:21-26 |
Jesus calls his followers to ‘stay salty’—to wholeheartedly live as his people. In this message, we hear Jesus’ call for his people to do anger and conflict differently. Outline Is this for us? Anger is abolished (vv21-22) Insults are out of bounds (v22) Peacemaking is the priority (vv23-26)

Fulfilled | Matthew 5:17-20 |
Do Christians just ‘pick and choose’ the rules in the Bible they want to follow? In this message, we hear Jesus talk about how his coming fulfils the Law and the Prophets—and how this shapes how we read the whole Bible. Outline The things not said. (v17) Not abolish but fulfil (vv17-18) Greater Righteousness (vv19-20) The law, the prophets, and us