Daniel Saunders

Why Did Jesus Rise? | Isaiah 52:13-14; 53:10-12 |
Why did Jesus rise to life again? What does it reveal about him, and what difference does it make? Outline From suffering to glory For his offspring For justification For victory

Crushed For Us | Isaiah 53:1-9 |
Sometimes we need to own up to an uncomfortable truth. But it’s worth it because on the cross, Jesus took the punishment for sin, that you might receive peace with God. Outline Our Need His substitution

Do You Still Not Understand? | Luke 8:1-21 |
Even after seeing the amazing things Jesus did, his disciples still did not understand. But Jesus was patient with them, teaching and showing them who he is. Outline Feeding (other) sheep (vv1-10) They won’t see the signs (vv11-13) Do you still not understand? (vv14-21)?

Worse than you thought! | Mark 7:1-23 |
What if the problem is worse than you thought? In this message, we hear Jesus tell us the news that our situation before God is worse than we thought. But the good news is Jesus' came to bring a solution that’s better than we could ever imagine. Outline Breaking their rules (vv1-5) You hypocrites! (vv6-13) The problem is worse than you think (vv14-23) Jesus' solution is better than we could imagine (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Feeding His Sheep | Mark 6:30-56 |
When someone asks ‘so, who are you,’ often we answer by talking about what we do. In this message, as we see Jesus feed a crowd in the wilderness, and ‘pass by’ by walking on the lake, Jesus is revealed by what he does. Outline Feeding sheep (6:3-46) Passing by (6:47-56) Who is Jesus?

Rejecting Jesus | Mark 6:1-30 |
Jesus faced rejection from the who knew him, those he didn’t, and those in power. What do you think of him? Outline Rejected by his people (6:1-6) Preparing for rejection (6:6-13) Rejected by the powerful (6:14-29) Prepare for rejection Rejecting Jesus

Trusting Jesus | Mark 5:21-43 |
Why should you trust Jesus? As we see Jesus heal a chronically ill woman and raise a little girl to life, we see that Jesus can be trusted not only because of his power and authority but also because of his compassionate heart. Outline Desperate Faith (vv21-24) Hidden faith (vv25-34) Faith for life (vv35-43) Trusting Jesus

Why Are You Afraid? | Mark 4:35-5:20 |
When have you been most afraid? As we see Jesus' powerful authority to calm the raging sea and the tormented man, we not only see who he truly is, but also that we can trust him when chaos rages. Outline Afraid of the storm (4:25-41) Afraid of the calm (5:1-20) Who is this man? Will you trust him?

Jesus' Family | Mark 3:7-35 |
Not only was Jesus misunderstood by his opponents, who thought him a liar, but his family also didn’t understand him or his mission, thinking he’d lost the plot. But, for those who listened to and received him, he called ‘my family’. Outline The crowd (vv7-12) Jesus’ people (vv13-19) Family concerns (vv20-21, 31-32) Family business (vv22-30) Jesus’ true family (vv31-35)

Lord of the Sabbath | Luke 2:23-3:6 |
Do you need rest and re-creation? Jesus shows us how humanity has the ability to take what is made for joy and make it a burden. But in this message from Mark, we hear Jesus came to give rest and life. Outline Remember the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15) Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:23-38) Saviour of the Sabbath (Mark 3:1-6) Resting in Christ