Daniel Saunders

Seeing Jesus’ Authority | Matthew 8:1-17 |
It’s no good taking your concerns to someone who doesn’t have the authority to change things. But Jesus is one with authority. Outline Jesus’ authority to cleanse (vv1-4) Jesus’ authority for the world (vv5-13) Jesus’ authority and the cross (vv14-17) (Note: the recording was started a few seconds into the sermon.)

The Best King | Psalm 72 |
What would it take to be the best king or leader? Psalm 72 is a prayer for kings, which in Jesus becomes a song of praise, because he’s the best king. Outline Reading Psalms How Israel ‘sings’ this Psalm How Jesus ‘sings’ this Psalm How we ‘sing’ this Psalm in Christ

The LORD Sees | 1 Kings 21-22 |
It looked like the ‘perfect crime’. But the LORD God saw the sin of Israel’s most vile king, Ahab, sin and brought justice. In this message from 1 Kings, we hear the sobering reality that God sees everything, but also his amazing grace, that this is the same God who gives forgiveness and new life to all who trust in Jesus. Outline A Perfect Crime (21:1-16) Found out! (21:17-26) Repentance (21:27-28) or Regret (Chapter 22)

The LORD is God | 1 Kings 17-20 |
When it feels like things are on the decline we can easily fall into despair. In 1 Kings we see this with the prophet Elijah, even after God shows his power. In this message, we’re encouraged from 1 Kings to remember that the LORD is God. Outline The LORD lives—in Israel and beyond (chp 17) The LORD is God—but his prophet despairs (chps 18-19) Knowing the LORD—but the king sulks (chp 20) In this message, the podcast The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God is recommended. Read more

The Reign of God’s Word | 1 Kings 12-16 |
Why do things (good and bad) happen? As God’s people are thrown into chaos as they are ruled by faithless and foolish kings, we see the God’s Word remains in control. Outline Foolish and Faithless Kings But God’s Word Reigns

A Wise King? | 1 Kings 10-11 |
Does God’s glory take your breath away? As Solomon’s life comes to an end, we see the breathtaking goodness of God in Solomon’s wisdom, but also the sad way his life ends. It’s an encouragement and warning to us—because in Jesus, one greater than Solomon is here. Outline Breathtaking Wisdom (1 Kings 10) Head-shaking Disobedience (1 Kings 11) Learning and Seeing True Wisdom (Matthew 12:42; 1 Corinthians 1:21-25)

The King’s House | 1 Kings 5-9 |
Where is God? Where does he live? As God’s temple is built in Jerusalem, we see God dwelling among his people. But even this is only a shadow of the true temple, Christ, and how God dwells now with his gathered people by the Spirit. Outline God’s Place Building God’s House (1 Kings 5-7) God’s Presence (1 Kings 8-9) Building God’s Spiritual (and Permanent) House (John 2:19-21, Ephesians 2:19-22)

A Wise King | 1 Kings 3-4 |
As Solomon’s kingdom is established we see God’s promised blessings fulfilled—though cracks show, and so we look to the greater wise king, Jesus. Outline The story so far God’s promises fulfilled through a wise king though, cracks are beginning to show Becoming wise through our wise king

Politics or Promise? | 1 Kings 1-2 |
As the book of 1 Kings begins, we meet a king on his deathbed–and things go down from there. In a time of decline and despair, when people are making political alliances, how do we see God at work? What’s really in control–politics or God’s promises? Outline Introducing Kings Who Will Be King? (1 Kings 1) The Kingdom Established (1 Kings 2) Politics or Promise? The Established Kingdom of David’s Son (Romans 1:1-4)

True Judgment | Matthew 7 |
Outline Don’t judge hypocritically (vv1-5) Don’t judge poorly (v6) Judge God correctly (vv7-11) Fulfilling the law and the prophets (v12) Judge the true path (vv13-14) true fruit (vv15-23) true foundation (vv24-29)