Mitchell Harte

Through the Fiercest of Storms | Acts 27:1-28:10 |
How can we persevere when life’s fiercest storms come? In the message from Acts 27-28, we see how God’s promises to Paul enable him to remain confident in God—even through fear.

Spirit and Boldness | Acts 4:1-31 |
When opposition comes, due to the Holy Spirit’s power, God’s people are able to respond with boldness. This sermon was recorded as part of our online gathering due to the February 2022 floods in Gympie.

Walking Freely | Micah 6:1-8 |
What does God require? Some feel that God burdens people with oppressive obligations. In this message from Micah, we hear that knowing God frees us to live justly, mercifully, and humbly, with God.

Just Crumbs | Mark 7:24-37 |
‘If these miracles are just crumbs, what’s it like to be seated at God’s table?’