King of Heaven

The Mission of the King | Matthew 4:12-25 |
What is Jesus’ mission and how do we get to partner in it? Outline To bring light and life (vv12-17) Joining the mission (vv18-22) The kingdom comes (vv23-25) Join the mission (Due to technical issues, the audio for the first 1 1/2 minutes was recorded separately.)

Faithful King | Matthew 4:1-11 |
As Jesus is tested in the wilderness we see he is the Faithful King, our sinless saviour, and compassionate high priest. Outline Wilderness and Weakness (vv1-2) Passing the Test (vv3-11) Satan, Sin, and our Saviour (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4:15-16) (In this recording it’s said that Jesus’ fast meant he neither ate nor drank. The Bible says Jesus’ fast was from food. Thanks to the church member who pointed this out. Read more

Beloved King | Matthew 3 |
Listen as we hear the good (and serious) news of the coming king, Jesus Spirit-empowered beloved Son of the Father. Outline Listen to the preparing voice (vv1-12) Listen to the declaring voice (vv13-17)

Homeless King | Matthew 2:13-23 |
Jesus begins his life despised and rejected, fleeing the fury of kings. As he ‘fills up’ Old Testament prophecy, even in these events we see the beginning of Jesus’ victory. Outline No place to lay his head (vv13-15) The fury of kings (vv16-18) The Nazarene (vv19-23) The end of Rachel’s tears (Jeremiah 31, Revelation 21)

Promised King | Matthew 1:1-17 |
Is there a place for you in Jesus’ family? Matthew’s biography of Jesus begins with a summary of the back story. It shows Jesus is the ‘yes’ to God’s great promises to David and Abraham. He is God’s king for the whole world…and for us. Outline God keeps his promises (v1) Will God really keep promises? (vv2-16) Is there a place for me? (vv3, 5, 6) Promises kept in King Jesus (v17)