Kingdom Come

When the King Comes | Zechariah 14 |
Will history always keep repeating? In this message from Zechariah 14 we hear the great, but stern, promise of the end of history—which is all about Jesus. Outline From War to Worship, Hostility to Holiness War (vv1-2) Rescue (vv3-5) New Creation (vv6-11) Judgment (vv12-15) Worship (v16) and Judgment (vv17-19) Holiness (vv20-21) The Day God Stood on the Mountain John 7:37-39; 8:12 Mark 11:22-25 Revelation 22:1-5

Good News Day? | Zechariah 12-13 |
Do you want the good news or the bad news? In this message from the final prophecy in Zechariah we hear the good news of God’s salvation coming through suffering. Outline The Day of Suffering and Salvation The Day of Piercing and Striking (12:9-13:1; 13:7-9) Looking on the one who was pierced (Mark 14:27; John 19:37; Revelation 1:7)

Rejecting God’s Shepherd | Zechariah 11 |
Can you imagine rejecting good leaders and following bad? It’s actually not all that uncommon. In this message from Zechariah 11, we hear the danger of rejecting Jesus, God’s good shepherd. Outline The abused flock (10:2; 11:4-5) … who detest the good shepherd (11:6-14) The foolish shepherd (11:15-17) The rejected Shepherd (Matthew 26:14-16; 27:3-10)

The Lowly King Comes | Zechariah 9-10 |
When Jesus enters Jerusalem on a ‘young donkey,’ what do you see? When Jesus is on the cross, what do you see? In Zechariah 9-10, we’re taken behind the scene to see how these seemingly unimpressive moments reveal the glory of Christ. Outline Look at this man on a donkey (John 12:12-14) Look at this man on a cross (John 19) Seeing behind the scene (Zechariah 9-10) Look to Jesus!

From Fake Fasting to True Feasing | Zechariah 7-8 |
What does fake ‘religion,’ fake ‘devotion’ to God look like? And how do we see genuine love of God? In this message from Zechariah 7-8, we hear God’s stinging rebuke and yet astounding promises to his people. Outline Is sadness no more? (7:1-3) Pure religion (7:4-14) Sadness no more! (Chapter 8)

The Priest-King | Zechariah 6:9-15 |
What does mean to say ‘Jesus is the Christ’? In this message from Zechariah 6, we dig deep into the good news that Jesus is the Priest-King. Outline The Crowning of the Priest‽ Jesus Our Priest-King (Hebrews 1:1-3) The Temple Builder God’s Living Temple (1 Peter 2:4-10)

By God’s Spirit | Zechariah 4:1-6:8 |
Do you feel things are hopeless and you’re helpless? That the mountains of obstacles only ever look larger and harder? In this message from Zechariah’s vision, we hear a message of hope in God’s Spirit in difficult times. Outline Scene 6: God’s strengthening Spirit (Chapter 4) Scenes 7-9: God removes sin (5:1-6:8) By my Spirit! (Acts 2:32-33)

Clean Clothes | Zechariah 3 |
Have you ever found yourself underdressed for the occasion? As Zechariah’s vision continues, we’re confronted with the problem of filthy clothes—but God has an amazing solution and promise. Outline Dirty clothes in God’s courtroom (vv1-5) Promises of things to come (vv6-10) Our great high priest! (Hebrews 4:14-16) This sermon was prerecorded. Watch the video:

Second Chances | Zechariah 1-2 |
We love second chances—but what about God? Does he give second chances? In this message from the opening chapters of Zechariah we hear the good news of God’s promise to give something better than a second chance. Outline Context: no king and no temple (1:1) ‘Return to the LORD’ (1:2-6) Four Scenes of Overflowing Grace (1:7-2:13) God’s borderless city!