Knowing and Living in God's Mercy

Partners in God’s Mission | Romans 15:14-16:27 |
(Note, during this sermon some of our gospel partners were mentioned by name. Their names have been removed from this recording in the interests of security and privacy.) God’s Mission (15:14-22; 16:25-27) which we are partners in by giving (15:23-29) by praying (15:30-33) by working (16:1-23) What’s your part in God’s mission?

Loving Diversity | Romans 14:1-15:13 |
Accept the weak (14:1-3a) Because … …you’re not their Lord (14:3b-12) …of the ‘law of love’ (14:13-23) …it’s Jesus-like (15:1-13) Loving diversity in our church

Get With the Times! | Romans 13:8-14 |
What’s the time (vv 11-12) Time for love (vv 8-10) Time for light (vv 11-14) Are you with the times?

The Gospel and Government | Romans 13:1-7 |
Government is under God (v1) Christians and the Government … obey (vv2-5) … pay (vv6-7) Because Jesus is Lord

Being Transformed By God | Romans 12 |
Worshiping our merciful God (vv1-2) … in humble service (vv3-8) … in genuine love (vv9-13, 15-16) … by showing mercy to enemies (vv14, 17-21) Living in God’s Mercy

God’s Unending Mercy | Romans 11 |
Not rejected but a remnant (vv 1-10) Not by genetics but by grafting (vv 11-24) Not ‘Israel’ but ‘All Israel’ (vv 25-32) God’s glorious mercy (vv 33-36)

Do You Have Beautiful Feet? | Romans 10 |
Religion will not save you (vv1-4) Only Jesus saves (vv5-13) Therefore … tell the world! (vv14-15) …and be prepared for the message to be rejected (vv16-21) A church with beautiful feet

God’s Faithful Mercy | Romans 9 |
The dilemma: Can God be trusted? (vv1-5) The answer: not every Israelite is ‘true Israel’ (vv6-13) The objections Is God unjust? (vv14-18) Is God unfair? (vv19-30) Conclusion: it’s all about Jesus (vv31-33) Trusting our merciful God

The Good News of Suffering | Romans 8:18-39 |
Suffering - but with hope (vv18-25) Suffering - but not alone (vv26-27) Suffering - but with security (vv28-39) Suffering as a Christian

Life in Christ’s Spirit | Romans 8:1-17 |
No Condemnation (vv1-4) Because believers have God’s Spirit (vv5-13) Who makes us God’s children (sons) (vv14-17)