Knowing and Living in God's Mercy

Partners in God’s Mission
(Note, during this sermon some of our gospel partners were mentioned by name. Their names have been removed from this recording in the interests of security and privacy.) God’s Mission (15:14-22; 16:25-27) which we are partners in by giving (15:23-29) by praying (15:30-33) by working (16:1-23) What’s your part in God’s mission?

Loving Diversity
Accept the weak (14:1-3a) Because … …you’re not their Lord (14:3b-12) …of the ‘law of love’ (14:13-23) …it’s Jesus-like (15:1-13) Loving diversity in our church

Get With the Times!
What’s the time (vv 11-12) Time for love (vv 8-10) Time for light (vv 11-14) Are you with the times?

The Gospel and Government
Government is under God (v1) Christians and the Government … obey (vv2-5) … pay (vv6-7) Because Jesus is Lord

Being Transformed By God
Worshiping our merciful God (vv1-2) … in humble service (vv3-8) … in genuine love (vv9-13, 15-16) … by showing mercy to enemies (vv14, 17-21) Living in God’s Mercy

God’s Unending Mercy
Not rejected but a remnant (vv 1-10) Not by genetics but by grafting (vv 11-24) Not ‘Israel’ but ‘All Israel’ (vv 25-32) God’s glorious mercy (vv 33-36)

Do You Have Beautiful Feet?
Religion will not save you (vv1-4) Only Jesus saves (vv5-13) Therefore … tell the world! (vv14-15) …and be prepared for the message to be rejected (vv16-21) A church with beautiful feet

God’s Faithful Mercy
The dilemma: Can God be trusted? (vv1-5) The answer: not every Israelite is ‘true Israel’ (vv6-13) The objections Is God unjust? (vv14-18) Is God unfair? (vv19-30) Conclusion: it’s all about Jesus (vv31-33) Trusting our merciful God

The Good News of Suffering
Suffering - but with hope (vv18-25) Suffering - but not alone (vv26-27) Suffering - but with security (vv28-39) Suffering as a Christian

Life in Christ’s Spirit
No Condemnation (vv1-4) Because believers have God’s Spirit (vv5-13) Who makes us God’s children (sons) (vv14-17)