I Can Be A Servant-minded, Humble, Team Player | Philippians 1:27-2:11 |
A message from visiting preacher, Leo Woodward.

Gospel Logic | 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 |
History records the facts of the cross—that Jesus of Nazareth was executed by the authority of the Roman governor. But why? Why do Christians care? Why should I care? What is the logic of the gospel? Outline The bare facts The interpreted facts

Who Is Greater? I AM | John 4 |
To a Samaritan woman, Jesus gives living water—and she meets the one greater than Jacob…the great I Am!

Overseeing God’s Family | Titus 1 |
How does Christ oversee his family, his church? In this message from Titus 1 we hear God’s requirements for elders in his church. Outline Elders are Examples Elders Manage God’s Household Elders Protect the Truth

Complete in Christ | Romans 8:33-37 |
Without Christ we have nothing but in Christ we have everything. Outline Because of Christ crucified Because of Christ risen Because of Christ exalted Because of Christ interceding

Preach Christ | Philippians 1:12-25 |
What is your reason for life? Your number one motivation? Outline The Gospel is Spread Two Ways Two Motives for Preaching Paul’s Goal to Exalt Jesus Paul’s Choice of Life Rather than Death

Seek Christian Maturity | Philippians 1:1-11 |
How do we find joy and grow in spiritual maturity in the Christian life? Outline Introduction (vv1-2) Four reasons for joy (vv3-8) Four part prayer for spiritual growth (vv9-11)

The Light Shine in the Darkness | John 8:12-30 |
Where is there light in our dark world? In this message from John 8, we hear Jesus’ astounding claim that he is the light of the world. Hope isn’t found in ‘religion’ or success, but in looking at Jesus, the light. Outline The Light of the world (v 12) The Darkness of the world (v 13-30) Those living in darkness judge Jesus by human standards Those living in darkness do not know God Those living in darkness will die in darkness Where we see the light

I AM the Resurrection and the Life | John 11:1-44 |
Our hope is in the living, risen Lord Jesus, who reconciles us with God, so we can share in his resurrection.

But God… | Ephesians 2:1-10 |
In the back of our minds we have the gnawing thought things are quite what they should be. In Ephesians 2 we hear God’s diagnosis, but the even better good news of grace (undeserved gift) in Jesus. Outline Diagnosis: Walking Dead (vv1-3) But God… (v4) made alive (v5) raised (vv6-7) It’s all a gift! (vv8-10)