Stay Salty

Fulfilled | Matthew 5:17-20 |
Do Christians just ‘pick and choose’ the rules in the Bible they want to follow? In this message, we hear Jesus talk about how his coming fulfils the Law and the Prophets—and how this shapes how we read the whole Bible. Outline The things not said. (v17) Not abolish but fulfil (vv17-18) Greater Righteousness (vv19-20) The law, the prophets, and us

Good Different | Matthew 5:1-16 |
In this message we sit at Jesus’ feet as he teaches us what the ‘good life’ is like in his kingdom, how his people will be ‘good different’. Outline Sitting at Jesus’ feet (vv1-2) The blessed life (vv3-12) Who is the blessed one? Standing out (vv13-16) Staying Salty