Strange Christmas Things

Weeping in Bethlehem | Matthew 2:13-23 |
The rescue of God’s Son (vv 13-15) from Herod’s fearful fury (vv 16-23) ‘Herods’ are still furious Matthew 5:11-12; 24:9

Christmas for Strangers | Matthew 2:1-12 |
A strange expedition (vv 1-10) … who came to worship (vv 11-12) Come let us worship, Jesus the King

Are We Alone? | Matthew 1:18-25 |
A strange dream (vv18-20) Unexpected news Strange command Two strange names (vv21-25) Saviour God with us Jesus, still the saviour who is God with us (Matthew 28:16-20)

Light In Darkness | Isaiah 9:1-7 |
Darkness in Israel and Judah (Isaiah 7-8) Light in Darkness (Isaiah 9:1-5) Light of the Messiah (Isaiah 9:6-7) A Son is Born (Matthew 4:12-14)