The Saving Word

Against God? | Acts 6:8-7:60 |
What do we do with the Old Testament? In this, our final message in this series, we hear Stephen’s final words as he defends the accusation that followers of Jesus are against ’this Holy Place’ and against ‘God’s law’. And doing so we see how Jesus is present and promised in the whole Bible. Outline Falsely accused (6:8-15) This Holy Place, the Law, and Jesus Abraham (7:1-8) Joseph (7:9-16) Moses (7:17-43) David/Solomon (7:44-50) Jesus (7:51-60) This sermon was prerecorded. Read more

All One in Christ Jesus | Acts 6:1-7 |
How should Christians respond to challenges and tensions to unity? In this message, we hear how the earliest followers of Jesus responded with unjust care for the vulnerable. Outline Growing Pains (v1) Delegated Authority (vv2-4) They chose… (vv5-6) The Word Grows (v7) This sermon was prerecorded. A video of the recorded is availabe:

Counted Worthy | Acts 5:12-42 |
What do you think is the future for Christianity? Should persecution or gospel growth be expected? In this message from Acts, we hear how the earliest church continued to grow and rejoiced to be counted worthy of suffering for Jesus. Outline Signs of Life (vv12-16) Obeying God or People? (vv17-33) Opposing God? (vv34-39) Counted Worthy (vv40-42)

A Model Church (Part 2) | Acts 4:32-5:11 |
Are you faking it? In this message, we see an encouraging example of generosity and a severe warning to those who fake godliness. Outline God’s true people (4:32-37) Pretend Piety (5:1-11) Due to disruptions caused by flooding, this message was pre-recorded. You can watch the video recording on YouTube

Spirit and Boldness | Acts 4:1-31 |
When opposition comes, due to the Holy Spirit’s power, God’s people are able to respond with boldness. This sermon was recorded as part of our online gathering due to the February 2022 floods in Gympie.

A Fresh Start | Acts 3 |
There are some things we wish we could do again—have a ‘fresh start’—where our mistakes and failings are gone and we get to start again. In this message on Acts 3 we see and hear of God’s power to give a fresh start. Outline The sign (vv1-10) Whose power? (vv11-16) The promise (vv17-21) Fulfilled (vv22-26)

A Model Church? | Acts 2:42-47 |
What should be at the centre of a Christian community? In this message we go back to the original, earliest followers of Jesus, looking at their life together, and how it should shape us. Outline Devoted to… (v42) Awe (v43) Love (vv44-46) Gladness (v46) Gospel Growth (v47)

God’s Saving Gifts | Acts 2:1-41 |
What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? In this message, we hear of God’s amazing gifts of forgiveness and his Spirit, given because Jesus is risen and reigning. Outline Beginning in Jerusalem (vv1-13) The Spirit is poured out (vv14-21) because the crucified Christ is ascended (vv22-36) Everyone who calls upon his name… (vv37-41)

Witnesses to the Resurrection | Acts 1 |
Where is Jesus now? What is he doing? In this message, which begins our new series in Acts 1-7, we hear the encouraging answer to these questions. Outline What Jesus began to do (vv1-5) Power for witness (vv6-8) What Jesus continues to do (vv9-11) What the witnesses continue to do (vv12-26)