The Way Home (Part 3)

Carry Your Cross | Luke 14 |
Who needs healing? (vv1-6) Generous humility (vv7-11) Generous invitation (vv12-24) Count the cost (vv25-35)

Enter Through the Narrow Door | Luke 13 |
Foxes in the coop (vv33-35, 1-5) Judgement is coming (vv6-9) …because of the predators (vv10-17) The kingdom of judgement and safety (vv18-35) So repent, or you too will perish!

Be Ready | Luke 12:35-59 |
God’s clock is ticking Malachi 3:1; Luke 7:27; Luke 9:51 Are you ready? (vv35-40) …especially the leaders (vv41-48) …because Jesus brings judgment and division (vv49-53) So understand the times and be wise (vv54-59) Are you ready? Acts 1:5-8

Against Hypocrisy | Luke 11:37-12:12 |
Dirty on the inside (11:37-54) and it’s everyone’s problem (12:1-12) Good news for hypocrites! (Unfortunately there is some distortion in this recording.)

The Kingdom Has Come | Luke 11:14-36 |
Israel’s Unhealthy Eyes (vv14-26) Those with eyes to see (vv27-36) What fills your eyes?

When You Pray | Luke 11:1-13 |
Teach us to pray (v1) … for the greatest gift (vv2-4) …which honours God’s name (vv5-8) …as he gives good gifts (vv9-13) Jesus is the answer to his own prayer Luke 3:22; Acts 2:38 So it can be answered in us! (Unfortunately there was some distortion in the recording of this sermon.)

Love Your Neighbour | Luke 10:25-42 |
Why is my neighbour? (10:25-37) Who is my disciple? (10:38-42)

Fit for the Kingdom | Luke 9:51-10:24 |
Jesus’ Radical Direction (9:51-56) Jesus’ Radical Requirements (9:57-62) Jesus’ Radical Priorities (10:1-16) Jesus’ Radical Joy (10:17-24)