Money Matters: Gift
What is money? The Bible’s Big Story Creation (Genesis 2:10-16) Fall (Genesis 3:17-19) Promise (Genesis 12:1-3; Exodus 3:16-17) Fulfilment (?) (1 Kings 4:20-28) Exile (Jeremiah 31:10-14) Fulfilment (Luke 4:18-19; 6:20, 24; Hebrews 11:8-10, 16) God’s gift and us (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

Living In God’s Mercy
Living in God’s Mercy… (12:1) …changes us (12:2) …to live for others (12:3-8) How does God’s mercy change you?

Which Side Are You On?
Through one man’s sin… (5:12-14) Through one man’s righteousness… (5:15-21) Which side are you on?

Does God Love You?
You can know God’s love because of certain hope (5:1-5) because of what He did and when He did it (5:6-8) Living in God’s love Confidence (5:9-11) Loving like God (12:14-21)

Always by Faith Alone
Justification has always been by faith (4:1-15) …but what is faith? And it’s the same for us! (4:23-25) Always and only by faith

The Guilty Justified
The Verdict: Righteous (3:21-23) But how? (3:24-26) Justified Redeemed Propitiated …and God is still just So it’s got nothing to do with us (3:27-31) Trust in Christ!

Guilty as Charged
Two objections: Can God be trusted? (3:1-4) Is God fair? (3:5-8) Our Big Problem (3:9-18) So what’s the law good for? (3:19-20) The verdict is in…

Not The Usual Suspects
The Charge: Hypocrisy (2:1-4) The Sentence: Judged (2:5-16) But! We’ve got the Law (2:17-24) We’re the circumcised (2:25-29) God’s word to non-usual suspects

How Do You Plead?
Our biggest problem (1:18) Ignorance is no defence (1:19-21) Our ‘rap sheet’ (1:22-32) It’s a dark picture, but there’s hope (1:16-17, 3:25-26) How do you plead?

God’s Power: The Gospel
A letter From Paul, a slave of the gospel (vv1, 5, 11-15) To believers in Rome (vv6-8) About the gospel of Jesus (vv2-4) of salvation (vv16-17) Do you trust in God’s gospel power?