Against Hypocrisy
Dirty on the inside (11:37-54) and it’s everyone’s problem (12:1-12) Good news for hypocrites! (Unfortunately there is some distortion in this recording.)

The Kingdom Has Come
Israel’s Unhealthy Eyes (vv14-26) Those with eyes to see (vv27-36) What fills your eyes?

When You Pray
Teach us to pray (v1) … for the greatest gift (vv2-4) …which honours God’s name (vv5-8) …as he gives good gifts (vv9-13) Jesus is the answer to his own prayer Luke 3:22; Acts 2:38 So it can be answered in us! (Unfortunately there was some distortion in the recording of this sermon.)

Love Your Neighbour
Why is my neighbour? (10:25-37) Who is my disciple? (10:38-42)

Fit for the Kingdom
Jesus’ Radical Direction (9:51-56) Jesus’ Radical Requirements (9:57-62) Jesus’ Radical Priorities (10:1-16) Jesus’ Radical Joy (10:17-24)

Still Waiting for the True King
David’s Doubting Deception (1 Samuel 27) Saul’s Defiant Disobedience (1 Samuel 28) The King is Dead… (1 Samuel 31) …Long Live the King (Matthew 28:16-20)

The Suffering King
In the cave (1 Samuel 21-23) Entrusting to God (1 Samuel 24, 26) Jesus, God’s suffering King (Luke 24:26; 4:5-8) God’s suffering people (1 Peter 2:21-24)

Loving the King
(Note: The name of one of our gospel partners, who works in a secure location, was mentioned towards the end of this recording. For the sake of privacy and security their name has been removed from this recording.) Sermon Outline Two reactions to God’s chosen king Jonathan’s covenant-love for David Saul’s hatred of David Do you love God’s king, Jesus?

Seeing the King
Seeing God’s way (vv1-13) Seeing the true king (vv14-23) Seeing beyond appearances (2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

Mary Listens
God’s salvation is here How will you respond?