Conflict | Matthew 5:21-26 |
Jesus calls his followers to ‘stay salty’—to wholeheartedly live as his people. In this message, we hear Jesus’ call for his people to do anger and conflict differently. Outline Is this for us? Anger is abolished (vv21-22) Insults are out of bounds (v22) Peacemaking is the priority (vv23-26)

Homeless King | Matthew 2:13-23 |
Jesus begins his life despised and rejected, fleeing the fury of kings. As he ‘fills up’ Old Testament prophecy, even in these events we see the beginning of Jesus’ victory. Outline No place to lay his head (vv13-15) The fury of kings (vv16-18) The Nazarene (vv19-23) The end of Rachel’s tears (Jeremiah 31, Revelation 21)