Bible Study

Sermon Series in 2024
Summer & Term 1 - Matthew 1-7 Starting over Christmas 2023 and going through to Easter 2024 we’ll be meeting Jesus, the ‘King of Heaven,’ as we sit at the feet of Jesus and learn how to ‘stay salty’ as his apprentices. Listen here Listen here During term 1 our Growth Groups will be studing the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) . Term 2 - 1 Kings From what seems like good beginnings–the kings of God’s people fail to live up to God’s calling. Read more

Sermon Series in 2023
Summer Holidays - Grow in Grace (2 Peter) At a time when followers of Jesus were being mocked and led astray, Peter wrote to give believers confidence in the hope of Jesus’ return and encourage them to grow in grace. Listen Here Term 1 - Unstoppable Kingdom (Acts 15-28) What can stop God’s plans? Can riots? Prison? Trials? Storms? Shipwreck? Join us this term as we’re reminded and encouraged by God’s unhindered kingdom. Read more

Sermon Series in 2022
Term 1 - The Saving Word (Acts 1-7) What is God’s plan? What is Jesus doing now? The story of Jesus doesn’t finish with his death or even his resurrection. As we open the book of Acts, we see how the ascended Christ continues to save people, pouring out his Spirit, as the word (or message) of his salvation is announced. Listen online here Term 2 - Proverbs and Minor Prophets In term 2 we plan to study Nahum, Habakkuk and explore God’s Wisdom in Proverbs. Read more

Sermon Series in 2021
Term 1 - Jesus: Who Do You Say He Is? (Mark 1-8) People have many ideas about Jesus. Some say he is a creation of fiction, others that he’s a spiritual guide or teacher, but the Bible claims he is God’s promised king (Messiah) and even God himself (the Son of God). In this series we’re going to the beginning of the gospel, to discover who Jesus really is. Listen here Term 2 - Micah: What Does the LORD require? Read more

Sermon Series in 2020
Term 1 - The Way Home (Part 5) Continuing our series in Luke in 2019 we will see Jesus, God’s promised King, as he enters Jerusalem. As Jesus’ conflict with the religious and political powers comes to a dramatic head, we see God’s King crucified in shame and rise in glory in fulfilment of the Scriptures. In this series we’ll be continuing our partnerships through Church2Church as we finish off our journey home with Jesus as recorded in Luke’s Gospel. Read more

Sermon Series in 2019
In 2019, we’re going to growing in Knowing God as we study His word together. In the first three terms this year, we’re excited to be partnering with churches around Australia in our teaching and preaching through Church2Church . Term 1 - The Way Home (Part 3) As we pick up the story of Luke’s Gospel in chapters 10-14, we will see Jesus journeying to Jerusalem. The cross is looming larger. Read more