Overseeing God’s Family | Titus 1 |
How does Christ oversee his family, his church? In this message from Titus 1 we hear God’s requirements for elders in his church. Outline Elders are Examples Elders Manage God’s Household Elders Protect the Truth

Gospel Partnership | Acts 11:19-30 |
Is following Jesus a solo-survival mission? As we continue our journey through Acts we see how the gospel of Jesus leads to partnerships between churches. Outline God’s Mission (vv19-21) Partnership (1): From Jerusalem (vv22-24) Partnership (2): With Saul (vv25-26) Partnership (3): To Jerusalem (vv27-30)

Honouring Elders | 1 Timothy 5:17-25 |
Honour elders by Financial support (vv17-18) Taking sin seriously (vv19-21) Being slow to appoints (vv22-25) Honouring our elders (Unfortunately there was some distortion in the recording.)

Leadership in God’s Household | 1 Timothy 3:1-13 |
Who are they? Requirements for Overseers (vv1-7) Requirements for Deacons (vv8-13) Godly Servant-Leaders in Gympie