Jesus' Family | Mark 3:7-35 |
Not only was Jesus misunderstood by his opponents, who thought him a liar, but his family also didn’t understand him or his mission, thinking he’d lost the plot. But, for those who listened to and received him, he called ‘my family’. Outline The crowd (vv7-12) Jesus’ people (vv13-19) Family concerns (vv20-21, 31-32) Family business (vv22-30) Jesus’ true family (vv31-35)

Marriage and Christ | Ephesians 5:21-33 |
The new life Jesus gives is reflected in all our relationships. In this message, we hear the difference Jesus makes to marriage, and how marriage is a picture of the gospel. Outline Wives (vv22-24) Husbands (vv25-31) Christ and the Church (vv32-33)

New Relationships | Colossians 3:18-4:1 |
When we have new life in Christ, all our relationships are changed by submitting to our loving Lord. Outline Marriage Parenting Slavery Our New Life in Christ (The recording at church stopped before the end. The final few minutes were re-recorded later. Unfortunately, this means they sound quite different.)

Honouring Widows | 1 Timothy 5:1-16 |
Relationships in God’s Household (vv1-2) Honour Widows (v3) In your family (vv4, 7-8, 16) In God’s family (vv5-6, 9-10) … but with a warning (vv11-15) How are we honouring widows?