God’s Abundant Grace
Visions of the end (7:1-9:10) God has been patient (7:1-6) But it won’t last forever (7:7-9; 8:1-9:10) Because God’s Word is rejected (7:10-17) But even so, God will restore (9:11-15) Has God been gracious (Acts 15:16-18)? Revelation 22:1-3

Will God Judge?
The Man (1:1) The Message From God (1:2; 3-3:8) To the Nations (1:3-2:3) To God’s People (2:4-3:15) To Us

Good News for Overlooked People
Abimelech: the man you want as king? (8:33-9:6) Jotham: the voice of judgement (9:7-21) Fire from Abimelech. Fire from Shechem. (9:22-57) Good news for Abimelechs 2 Corinthians 5:10 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

God’s Grace to Unsure and Unfaithful People
Another time around (6:1-10) Gideon an unsure leader (6:11-16, 36-40; 7:9-15a) a spiteful leader (8:4-21) a faithless leader (8:21-32) God is a mighty warrior (7:1-8, 17-23) gracious and patient beyond measure! God’s gracious patience means salvation 2 Peter 3:3-9

The Downward Spiral
The story so far (2:1-2a) God continues to be faithful (1:1-18) … but God’s people fail (1:19-34) What went wrong? Israel didn’t pass the baton (2:6-10) The downward spiral (2:11-19) Judges and us What does it show about people? What does it show about God? What does it show about how God works in Jesus?