True Justice | Malachi 2:17-3:5 |
When we make a mistake, we often try to cover it up, hoping no one notices. Our sin is always seen—we can’t hide it from the God of Justice. But there’s good news—in Jesus, God has come to purify and refine his people, so we can be acceptable to him. Outline Where is the God of justice? (2:17; 3:5) An unwanted messenger (3:1-4) When the Lord comes (Mark 11:15-17; 15:38; 1 Peter 2:4-5)

Waiting Faith | Habakkuk 2:2-20 |
How do we ’live by faith’ in the midst of suffering and oppression? In this message, we hear God’s confronting and comforting response to this question. Outline Two ways to live (vv2-5) Five Woes (vv6-20) Living by Faith

How Long? | Habakkuk 1:1-2:1 |
Have you ever cried out to God? Felt overwhelmed by suffering or injustice? And wondered if God has heard? In this message, we hear one man’s cry to God and God’s surprising answer. Outline Questioning God (1:1-4) See God act! (1:5-11) but God!! (1:12-2:1)

Compassionate Justice | Nahum |
Is God’s justice good news? What compassion can be found when God avenges wrongs? In this message from the little known prophet, Nahum, we hear the good news of God’s compassionate justice. Outline Setting the Scene An avenging refuge (1:1-8) Judgment against Nineveh (2:3-10) Joy in Justice (1:15; 3:18-19) Compassionate Justice at the Cross (Colossians 2:13-15)

An Assurance From God | Haggai 2:20-23 |
‘God’s past faithfulness gives assurance for his future promises.’ Outline Why is it needed? Assurance through God’s justice and protection Assurance through God’s faithfulness

Walking Freely | Micah 6:1-8 |
What does God require? Some feel that God burdens people with oppressive obligations. In this message from Micah, we hear that knowing God frees us to live justly, mercifully, and humbly, with God.

Unhearing Oppressors | Micah 2 |
What will God do about those who rip off and oppress those who are poor and powerless? In this message from Micah 2, we hear God will bring poetic justice to those who refuse to listen and continue to steal from powerless people. But even in this, there is hope for forgiveness and freedom. Outline Daylight robbery (vv1-2) Poetic justice (vv3-5) Refusing to hear (vv6-7) Daylight robbery (again!) (vv8-9) Prophets for profit (vv10-11) Following the King to freedom (vv12-13)

Unbearable Justice | Micah 1 |
How does God’s justice make you feel? In this message, we hear God’s strong justice and the surprising way God feels about it. Outline Micah of Moresheth (v1) God comes down (vv2-4) … against Samaria (vv5-7) …and Jerusalem (vv9-16) Justice through tears (v8)

God’s Deep Compassion | Jonah 3-4 |
Although we love to receive mercy, we find it hard to give it to others. Our motto can be ‘mercy for me, justice for you’. In this message, we hear the conclusion to Jonah’s story and see the compassionate heart of Christ. Outline Nineveh Repents(Jonah 3:1-9) God Relents (Jonah 3:10) Jonah Resents (Jonah 4) One Greater than Jonah (Luke 19:41; 5:30-32)

The Pattern of the King | 2 Samuel 13 |
In David’s sons we see the dreadful spiral and spread of evil as they repeat the sin of their father. It’s another series of gut-wrenching events, which shows our need for the true Son of God who will spread blessing and not curse. Just before the sermon we watched this video Please be aware this sermon and Bible passage addresses a situation of abuse and violence. Outline The pattern repeats Twisted desires (vv1-19) Passive ‘protectors’ (vv20-23) Deadly revenge (vv23-39) Jesus breaks the pattern (Romans 12:1-2)