Loving the King
(Note: The name of one of our gospel partners, who works in a secure location, was mentioned towards the end of this recording. For the sake of privacy and security their name has been removed from this recording.) Sermon Outline Two reactions to God’s chosen king Jonathan’s covenant-love for David Saul’s hatred of David Do you love God’s king, Jesus?

Truth’s Goal
The gospel in Ephesus (vv1-3) Acts 18-20 The problem in Ephesus (vv4-11) Myths and Genealogies Unlawful use of the law Speaking hard-truths in love

Love One-Another
Is our church loving? Why love one-another? John 13:33-35 John 15:12-17 1 John 4:19-21 How to love one-another

Eternal Life
Knowing God (vv1-12, 24-26) Sanctified from the world. Sent into the world. (vv13-19) United in Christ (vv20-23) Do you have eternal life?

Get With the Times!
What’s the time (vv 11-12) Time for love (vv 8-10) Time for light (vv 11-14) Are you with the times?

Being Transformed By God
Worshiping our merciful God (vv1-2) … in humble service (vv3-8) … in genuine love (vv9-13, 15-16) … by showing mercy to enemies (vv14, 17-21) Living in God’s Mercy

God’s Love for Liars
Israel are deceitful yet God’s given them every chance but they’ve blown it and still, God’s love is unbreakable We need God’s unbreakable love (1 Corinthians 15:55-56)

Is it God’s job to forgive?
More accusations against Israel (Hosea 8-10) …but God won’t give Israel up (Hosea 11:1-11) Where anger and sympathy meet (1 Peter 3:18)

True Love?
The LORD against Israel (Hosea 4-5) Something’s missing (4:1-3) The problem with priests (4:4-6) …is not lack of religion (4:7-19) The trouble with treaties (5:8-15; also 7:11-16) Israel’s fickle repentance (6:1-6) What God desires (Matthew 9:13; 12:7)

Love for the Unfaithful
The pain of infidelity (1:1-9; 2:2-5) The punishment of unfaithful Israel (2:9-13) Loving the unfaithful (1:10-2:1; 2:14-3:5) This is God’s love for us (1 Peter 2:10)