Fit for the Kingdom | Luke 9:51-10:24 |
Jesus’ Radical Direction (9:51-56) Jesus’ Radical Requirements (9:57-62) Jesus’ Radical Priorities (10:1-16) Jesus’ Radical Joy (10:17-24)

Saviour For All People | 1 Timothy 2:1-7 |
Pray for all people (vv1-2) because there is one God and one Mediator (vv3-7) Pray ourselves onto mission Slides

Partners in God’s Mission | Romans 15:14-16:27 |
(Note, during this sermon some of our gospel partners were mentioned by name. Their names have been removed from this recording in the interests of security and privacy.) God’s Mission (15:14-22; 16:25-27) which we are partners in by giving (15:23-29) by praying (15:30-33) by working (16:1-23) What’s your part in God’s mission?

Beginning in Jerusalem | Luke 24:36-52 |
The end of Act 1 It is written and must be fulfilled (vv44-49) … to suffer … to rise to preach Preaching to the Nations

The Guilty Justified | Romans 3:21-31 |
The Verdict: Righteous (3:21-23) But how? (3:24-26) Justified Redeemed Propitiated …and God is still just So it’s got nothing to do with us (3:27-31) Trust in Christ!