Will You Listen? | Mark 4:1-34 |
Listening is important. Jesus came announcing the good news. Will you listen to him?

What You Do When You Hear Matters | Matthew 13:1-23 |
Have you ears to hear? In the Parable of the Soils, Jesus calls us be good, fruitful hearers. This sermon was brought to us during lock-down by Jono Buesnel from Bargara Presbyterian Church .

Rejecting the King | Luke 20:1-19 |
When Jesus spoke, people saw he had authority. But this was divisive and difficult, especially for religious people. In this passage, we see the final result of rejecting Jesus’ kingly authority. Outline Jesus’ authority questioned (vv1-8) Jesus’ authority rejected (vv9-15) Christ’s crushing authority? (vv16-19) Will you receive or reject Jesus? (1 Peter 2:4-6)

Power and Peace | Luke 19:11-28 |
The rulers and kingdoms of our world are all about power and profit, no matter the cost. But in Jesus we Jesus a king who’s kingdom brings true peace. As Jesus heads up to Jerusalem, he asks us to choose our kingdom. Outline A story of two kingdoms A parable of an evil king Which kingdom will you choose?

Rich and Poor | Luke 16:19-31 |
Would you be convinced if someone were to rise from the dead? In this message, we listen to another story Jesus told. A story about a rich man who loves money, not God, and who shows this by overlooking the poor. Outline A parable … of two men (vv19-21) …and the tables are turned (vv22-26) …because they wouldn’t listen. (vv27-31) Jesus has crossed the chasm …will you?

God and Money | Luke 16:1-18 |
Who do you serve? This week, we hear Jesus give a warning to religious people who love money—’no one can serve two masters.’ This is a stark warning as Jesus urges us to enter his kingdom. Outline During the sermon, we watched this video: The background: Herod and the Pharisees (vv 16-18) A parable of a shrewd manager (vv 1-8) …which means (vv 9-15) you can’t serve God and money!

Lost and Found | Luke 15 |
Are you lost? Jesus told some stories to show there are two ways to be lost. You can be lost far away or lost right at home. The good news is Jesus came to show us God’s heart for all lost people—wanting to bring them from death to life. Outline Two stories of finding joy (Luke 15:1-10) A story of two lost sons… and their prodigal father. (Luke 15:11-31) Feast with the Father

The Question of Authority | Luke 20:1-20 |
Just who do you think you are? (vv1-8) Just who do they think they are? (vv9-16) The cost of rejecting Jesus (vv17-20) Psalm 118, Isaiah 8, Daniel 2 Just who do you think Jesus is?

Are You Listening? | Luke 8:1-21 |
Women who listened (vv1-3) Soil that listens (vv4-15) Watch how you listen (vv16-18) A family who listens (vv19-21) Are you listening to Jesus?