Good Different | Matthew 5:1-16 |
In this message we sit at Jesus’ feet as he teaches us what the ‘good life’ is like in his kingdom, how his people will be ‘good different’. Outline Sitting at Jesus’ feet (vv1-2) The blessed life (vv3-12) Who is the blessed one? Standing out (vv13-16) Staying Salty

Prayer Under Pressure | 2 Thessalonians 1 |
What do you say to someone suffering for following Jesus? What do you pray for them? In this message from 2 Thessalonians 1, we hear how Paul, through his prayers, encourages a church facing persecution. Outline A Church Born in a Hurry (2 Thess 1:1-2; Acts 17) What do you pray for (part 1)? (vv3-4) Is God’s judgment right? (vv5-10) What do you pray for (part 2)? (vv11-12)

What Do You Expect? | Acts 23:31–26:32 |
What should followers of Jesus expect out of life? In this message we see Paul continuing to speak of Jesus as he stands trial—taking up his cross as he follows Jesus. Outline Not troublemakers (Acts 24) Making the most (Acts 26) Take up your cross

Persecution and Protection | Acts 21:27-23:30 |
When we struggle or suffer, does this mean God is distant, that he’s not in control? In this message, we see how Jesus strengthens and protects his people through persecution with the hope of resurrection. Outline Persecution and Plots Protected by God

New Creation | Galatians 6:11-18 |
What is legalism a problem? Outline What causes false teaching? (vv11-13) What keeps us true to Christ? (vv14-18)

The Extra Mile | Matthew 5:38-48 |
What does it really mean to ‘go the extra mile’ for someone? In this message, we hear how this saying from Jesus doesn’t match up with what we might think the saying means. (Due to a power outage this sermon was taken from our live stream.) Outline Going the extra mile. (Mat. 5:41) How to live in the second mile. Going the extra mile by turning the other cheek. (Mat. 5:39) Going the extra mile by giving more than required. Read more

Kingdom Expectations | Acts 14 |
If Jesus is risen and reigning, what expectations should we have for life in his kingdom? Outline The Kingdom Comes (vv1-20) Strengthened and Encouraged (vv21-28) Strengthened for Hardship

Persecution and Prayer | Acts 12 |
If God is king, why are his people persecuted? In Acts 12 we see persecution against God’s church intensify, yet through God’s powerful rescue, we see God is lovingly in control as his people live out the way of Christ. Outline Herod Plans (but the church prays!) (12:1-5) God’s power… Rescuing Peter (12:6-19) Herod’s Demise (12:20-23) Gospel growth (12:24-25) Where is God?

Unstoppable Salvation | Acts 8:1-25 |
Does God ever find things not going to his plan? In Acts 8 we see that persecution, sorcery, slowness, and sin cannot stop God’s plan to bring salvation. Outline Scattered but not stopped (vv1-4) Receiving the Gospel and the Spirit (vv5-17) Repentance (vv18-25)

Counted Worthy | Acts 5:12-42 |
What do you think is the future for Christianity? Should persecution or gospel growth be expected? In this message from Acts, we hear how the earliest church continued to grow and rejoiced to be counted worthy of suffering for Jesus. Outline Signs of Life (vv12-16) Obeying God or People? (vv17-33) Opposing God? (vv34-39) Counted Worthy (vv40-42)