Three Kings | Matthew 2:1-12 |
A Christmas message considering the three kings of Matthew 2–not the three kings you might expect, but two responses to the shepherd-king, Jesus. Outline Herod: The Anxious King Magi: Honouring the True King Jesus: The Shepherd-King

God’s Foolish Wisdom | 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 |
Where do you think true wisdom and power are found? As we begin our series on the voice of wisdom heard in Proverbs, we first look to the unexpected ‘right-way-up’ wisdom of the cross. It’s Christ crucified that is the centre of all God’s wisdom. Outline The world’s wisdom destroyed (1:18-25) Shown in… who God saves (1:26-31) how God saves (2:1-5) Hearing the voice of the cross

Trusting Jesus | Mark 5:21-43 |
Why should you trust Jesus? As we see Jesus heal a chronically ill woman and raise a little girl to life, we see that Jesus can be trusted not only because of his power and authority but also because of his compassionate heart. Outline Desperate Faith (vv21-24) Hidden faith (vv25-34) Faith for life (vv35-43) Trusting Jesus

Why Are You Afraid? | Mark 4:35-5:20 |
When have you been most afraid? As we see Jesus’ powerful authority to calm the raging sea and the tormented man, we not only see who he truly is, but also that we can trust him when chaos rages. Outline Afraid of the storm (4:25-41) Afraid of the calm (5:1-20) Who is this man? Will you trust him?

Greatness in Christ’s Kingdom | Luke 9:28-50 |
Greatness above (9:28-36) Greatness below (9:37-43) Greatness handed over (9:44-45) Greatness of the least (9:46-50) Greatness of the King Greatness in His Kingdom