Talking to God
In his gracious kindness, God invites believers to speak to him. This is a great privilege, but one many Christians find hard. In this message, we look at two Bible passages about Talking to God. Outline Pray…continually Why is prayer hard? How to talk to God

Growing in Christ
How does someone grow as a follower of Jesus? Outline Paul and Colossae (vv 1-2) Faith, Hope, and Love (vv 3-8) Living worthy of the God we know (vv 9-13) Are we growing in Christ?

Proud and Humble
When was the last time you prayed? What did you say or do? How did you approach God? In this sermon, we listen to Jesus’ teaching on prayer—how we should approach God when we know Jesus is king. Outline Faithful persistence (vv 1-8) Humble contrition (vv 9-14) Pray—humbly and persistently!

When You Pray
Teach us to pray (v1) … for the greatest gift (vv2-4) …which honours God's name (vv5-8) …as he gives good gifts (vv9-13) Jesus is the answer to his own prayer Luke 3:22; Acts 2:38 So it can be answered in us! (Unfortunately there was some distortion in the recording of this sermon.)

The LORD Lifts Up
Hannah's Problem (1:1-8) Hannah's Promise (1:9-18) God's Provision (1:19-28) Hannah's Praise (2:1-11) 1 Samuel and Us What does this show us about God? What does this show us about how God works in Jesus? Philippians 2:6-11 What does this show us about people? 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

Eternal Life
Knowing God (vv1-12, 24-26) Sanctified from the world. Sent into the world. (vv13-19) United in Christ (vv20-23) Do you have eternal life?

Bargaining with God
Israel bargains with God (10:6-18) Gilead bargains with Jephthah (11:1-11) Jephthah's bargain with God (11:29-33) …has disastrous results (11:34-39) We don't need to bargain with God! Matthew 7:9-11

What is our work?
God is at work as the gospel progresses (vv1-2) as believers are established (vv3-5, 16- 18) Believers are to work (vv6-15) Working for Jesus

The Word who …is with God and who is God (John 1:1-3) …became flesh (John 1:14) …ascended and intercedes (Hebrews 4:14-16) Knowing the God who's one with us