Lost and Preserved
When you hear a warning of something concerning coming your way, do you stay or do you go? In this passage, as we continue our journey with Jesus, we will hear him talking about the cross, the turning point of history. It brings judgement on the world and ushers in the Kingdom of God. Jesus calls us to escape the world and find refuge in him. Outline The Kingdom of God (Daniel 2:44, 7:13-14) … is among you (Luke 17:20-21) …comes through suffering (17:22-25) …comes with sudden judgment (17:26-37) Living now in the Kingdom

Where Do I Find the Good Life?
What are you searching for? Looking for the living? Finding the good life in the perfect man

The Living Cross
Good news (15:1-11) So … the dead will be raised (15:12-23) Jesus is the living king (15:24-28) it's worth living for Jesus (15:29-34) But how are the dead raised? (15:35-54) Praise God and live for Jesus (15:55-58)

Tragedy or Comedy
A tragic morning that turns to joy So we can find life Romans 8:11 Is your life a tragedy or a comedy

Life Resurrected
The death of a friend (11:1-16) reveals God's glory bcause Jesus is the resurrection and the life (11:17-37) Jesus raises the dead (11:38-44) Will Jesus be at your funeral?

What if it's true?
Looking among the dead The women The disciples and Peter What if it's true? Jesus is the king Jesus brings life

The Question of Resurrection
The riddle of resurrection (vv27-33) Jesus’ answer Marriage at the resurrection (vv34-36) Resurrection and God (vv37-40) Our hope for resurrection

Who Won the Battle of Jericho?
A mysterious man with a strange plan (6:13-6:5) God wins (6:6-27) Jesus wins for us (1 Corinthians 15:50-57)

Can You Hope in Jesus?
A Sorrowful Meeting (vv13-18) … because hope has been lost (vv19-24) The Story Explained (vv25-29) Hope is Raised to Life (vv30-32) Can you hope in Jesus?