Why is contentment so hard? Genesis 3:4-6 Contentment and God Matthew 7:7-11 How to Learn Contentment Philippians 4:10-13 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Which Side Are You On?
Through one man’s sin… (5:12-14) Through one man’s righteousness… (5:15-21) Which side are you on?

Guilty as Charged
Two objections: Can God be trusted? (3:1-4) Is God fair? (3:5-8) Our Big Problem (3:9-18) So what’s the law good for? (3:19-20) The verdict is in…

Not The Usual Suspects
The Charge: Hypocrisy (2:1-4) The Sentence: Judged (2:5-16) But! We’ve got the Law (2:17-24) We’re the circumcised (2:25-29) God’s word to non-usual suspects

Is Jesus ‘The One’?
The Complaint: not playing by our rules (vv31-35) John’s Doubt (vv18-23) The Crowd’s Doubt (vv24-30) The Pharisee’s Rejection? (vv36-50) Is Jesus ‘The One’?