The LORD is God | 1 Kings 17-20 |
When it feels like things are on the decline we can easily fall into despair. In 1 Kings we see this with the prophet Elijah, even after God shows his power. In this message, we’re encouraged from 1 Kings to remember that the LORD is God. Outline The LORD lives—in Israel and beyond (chp 17) The LORD is God—but his prophet despairs (chps 18-19) Knowing the LORD—but the king sulks (chp 20) In this message, the podcast The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God is recommended. Read more

Homeless King | Matthew 2:13-23 |
Jesus begins his life despised and rejected, fleeing the fury of kings. As he ‘fills up’ Old Testament prophecy, even in these events we see the beginning of Jesus’ victory. Outline No place to lay his head (vv13-15) The fury of kings (vv16-18) The Nazarene (vv19-23) The end of Rachel’s tears (Jeremiah 31, Revelation 21)

When the King Comes | Zechariah 14 |
Will history always keep repeating? In this message from Zechariah 14 we hear the great, but stern, promise of the end of history—which is all about Jesus. Outline From War to Worship, Hostility to Holiness War (vv1-2) Rescue (vv3-5) New Creation (vv6-11) Judgment (vv12-15) Worship (v16) and Judgment (vv17-19) Holiness (vv20-21) The Day God Stood on the Mountain John 7:37-39; 8:12 Mark 11:22-25 Revelation 22:1-5

The Lowly King Comes | Zechariah 9-10 |
When Jesus enters Jerusalem on a ‘young donkey,’ what do you see? When Jesus is on the cross, what do you see? In Zechariah 9-10, we’re taken behind the scene to see how these seemingly unimpressive moments reveal the glory of Christ. Outline Look at this man on a donkey (John 12:12-14) Look at this man on a cross (John 19) Seeing behind the scene (Zechariah 9-10) Look to Jesus!

Why Did Jesus Rise? | Isaiah 52:13-14; 53:10-12 |
Why did Jesus rise to life again? What does it reveal about him, and what difference does it make? Outline From suffering to glory For his offspring For justification For victory

Growing to Maturity | Ephesians 4:7-16 |
What does a strong, healthy, mature Christian life and church look like? This sermon was recorded during Gympie Presbyterian Church’s first in-person gathering after 17 weeks of ‘gathering’ online. Outline Christ’s generous victory (v7-10) Christ’s gifts (v11) To grow to maturity (vv12-16) (In the introduction to this message, this podcast episode from Reach Australia was referenced.)

Refuge | Psalm 46 |
What is your source of comfort? Where do you find refuge and safety when it feels like the world is crumbling? In Psalm 46, we’re given the great news that God is refuge and strength for all who turn to him. Outline God our refuge (vv1-3) The refuge of God’s presence (vv4-7) The refuge of God’s victory (vv8-11) Resting in God’s refuge

Continue in Christ | Colossians 2:6-15 |
Even when it’s tough, Jesus is worth receiving and continuing in because only in him can we know God, new life, and forgiveness. Outline Continue in Christ (vv6-7) Don’t be taken captive (v8) Because in Christ …is the fullness of God (vv9-10) …is new life (vv11-13) …is victory (vv14-15) Continue, and watch out!

Who Won the Battle of Jericho? | Joshua 5:13-6:27 |
A mysterious man with a strange plan (6:13-6:5) God wins (6:6-27) Jesus wins for us (1 Corinthians 15:50-57)