Seeing Jesus’ Authority | Matthew 8:1-17 |
It’s no good taking your concerns to someone who doesn’t have the authority to change things. But Jesus is one with authority. Outline Jesus’ authority to cleanse (vv1-4) Jesus’ authority for the world (vv5-13) Jesus’ authority and the cross (vv14-17) (Note: the recording was started a few seconds into the sermon.)

Accepted by God | Acts 9:32-11:18 |
Are we willing to accept, to show hospitality, to those who are different? In this message from Acts 10, we see that in Christ, God makes the unclean to be holy, which challenges the boundaries of our acceptance. Outline What God makes clean (10:1-23) What God makes holy (10:24-48) No Favouritism

Cleanliness and Holiness | Leviticus 11-15 |
What is cleanliness? Leviticus 11:45 Unclean … Foods (Leviticus 11) Bodily Fluids (Leviticus 12, 15) Rashes and Moulds (Leviticus 13-14) Jesus and cleanliness Mark 1:40; 5:25-35; 7:14-20 Are you clean? Hebrews 9:13-14