Second Chances | Zechariah 1-2 |
We love second chances—but what about God? Does he give second chances? In this message from the opening chapters of Zechariah we hear the good news of God’s promise to give something better than a second chance. Outline Context: no king and no temple (1:1) ‘Return to the LORD’ (1:2-6) Four Scenes of Overflowing Grace (1:7-2:13) God’s borderless city!

But God… | Ephesians 2:1-10 |
In the back of our minds we have the gnawing thought things are quite what they should be. In Ephesians 2 we hear God’s diagnosis, but the even better good news of grace (undeserved gift) in Jesus. Outline Diagnosis: Walking Dead (vv1-3) But God… (v4) made alive (v5) raised (vv6-7) It’s all a gift! (vv8-10)

Seek the LORD | Zephaniah |
Through Zephaniah, God warns the world of the judgment that will come. This is serious, but the good news is, God loves to save! Outline Context (1:1) God’s sweeping judgment (1:2-7) because of his people’s sin (1:8-2:3) because of the world’s sin (2:4-3:8) Singing for God’s Salvation! (3:9-20)

Long Live the King | Matthew 28 |
In this Resurrection Sunday message we hear what it means for Jesus to be the king who invites us to know him by name, calls us ‘brothers and sisters,’ and promises to be with us always. Outline King Jesus is risen (vv1-10) Mocking the king (vv11-15) King Jesus for the nations (vv16-20)

Crowning the King | Matthew 20 & 27 |
In this Good Friday message, we hear from Matthew’s gospel what it means for Jesus to be a king who serves by giving his life as a ransom for many. Outline The king is crowned The king’s kingdom The king’s ransom

Bold and Unhindered | Acts 28:11-31 |
Can anything stop God’s kingdom? Often followers of Jesus feel weak and broken—but in this final message from the book of Acts, we see how when we are weak, God is strong. Outline Strength in Weakness (vv11-16) Persevering despite hard hearts (vv17-28) Proclaiming Boldly and without Hindrance (vv30-31)

Through the Fiercest of Storms | Acts 27:1-28:10 |
How can we persevere when life’s fiercest storms come? In the message from Acts 27-28, we see how God’s promises to Paul enable him to remain confident in God—even through fear.

What Do You Expect? | Acts 23:31–26:32 |
What should followers of Jesus expect out of life? In this message we see Paul continuing to speak of Jesus as he stands trial—taking up his cross as he follows Jesus. Outline Not troublemakers (Acts 24) Making the most (Acts 26) Take up your cross

Persecution and Protection | Acts 21:27-23:30 |
When we struggle or suffer, does this mean God is distant, that he’s not in control? In this message, we see how Jesus strengthens and protects his people through persecution with the hope of resurrection. Outline Persecution and Plots Protected by God

Doing God’s Will | Acts 21:1-26 |
As we live for Jesus, it’s not always clear what God’s will is. In this message from Acts 21, we see the Apostle Paul’s approach to two difficult decisions—and how he lives boldly for Christ through them. Outline Knowing God’s Will (vv1-16) Doing God’s Will (vv17-27)